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★ ON SALE ★ - Meno® Vitamin D drops - Strawberry or Lemon Flavour
★ ON SALE ★ - Meno® Vitamin D drops - Strawberry or Lemon Flavour
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ★ ON SALE ★ - Meno® Vitamin D drops - Strawberry or Lemon Flavour
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ★ ON SALE ★ - Meno® Vitamin D drops - Strawberry or Lemon Flavour

★ ON SALE ★ - Meno® Vitamin D drops - Strawberry or Lemon Flavour

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The Most natural form to take Vitamin D3 without fillers or chemicals added, is through drops.
  • 750mcg Vitamin D3
  • Natural Strawberry or Lemon Flavour 
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle
  • 12.5mcg Per Serving (250% RDI)
  • Added Cannabis Terpenes
  • No CBD, No THC
  • Place 0.5ml (approx 10 drops, 1/2 pipette) under your tongue and leave for 30 seconds before swallowing 

    Our Vitamin D3 Oil is made up of MCT Oil (from coconut), avocado oil, and then enhanced further with natural cannabis terpenes for flavour. Each bottle contains 750mcg (micrograms) of Vitamin D3, with 60 servings per bottle. Each serving contains 12.5mcg which is 250% RDI (Recommended Daily Intake).

    About Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is actually a hormone. It enables the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestines and regulates gene expression in over 2000 genes of our 30,000 genes in the body. Vitamin D3 is naturally produced in humans in the skin when UVB light  (from the sun) hits the skin and converts cholesterol to pre-vitamin D, which is then converted to D3 (cholecalciferol) in the liver. This means that your body can simply absorb vitamin D3 without converting it and you will feel the effects immediately.

    With the advent of the industrial revolution and more so now with humans working indoors on computers and being urged to wear sunscreens, most people are Vitamin D deficient. We spend 90% of our time indoors and of the time we are outdoors most of the time covered up. Rickets is actually having a resurgence.



    • Maintaining healthy bones and teeth
    • Supporting normal cell division
    • Helping to keep the immune system functioning normally
    • Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency
    • Increases Energy Levels
    • Supports Healthy Bones & Teeth
    • Improves Moods

    The Science Behind Vitamin D3 

    1. Mood & Cognition

    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is common in areas where sun exposure is limited in the winter months. The daylight is much shorter, and cold-weather clothing covers all of our exposed skin. This combination can cause dramatic reductions in vitamin D levels — which relies on exposure to UV to catalyze the production of vitamin D by the body.
    Research suggests vitamin D plays a major role in regulating our mood and cognitive function.

    2. Bone Formation

    Our bones are made up of a combination of a protein called collagen and minerals such as calcium. The collagen helps hold everything together and provides flexibility while the calcium serves as a hard, durable structure for the bulk of the bone tissue.
    Bone is a living structure — constantly being broken down and built back up. When bone tissue breaks down it increases calcium levels in the blood. When bone is built back up, blood calcium levels drop. It’s essential that calcium levels remain within a healthy balance to prevent it from depositing in other areas of the body, such as the arteries.
    Vitamin D3  work to keep calcium levels in balance. When levels dip, vitamin D increases absorption of the mineral from the digestive tract. 

    Right for me?

    Is Vitamin D3 the Supplement For Me?

    Vitamin D is most often used during the winter months. A large portion of our daily vitamin D requirement relies on exposure to UV light from the sun. During the cold, dark, winter months it can be nearly impossible to get enough sun exposure to give us the vitamin D we need to thrive. This can lead to side effects related to our mood, immune system, cardiovascular function, and bone health. Anybody living in the far northern or far southern regions of the world should consider using vitamin D supplements.
    Additionally, people looking to improve bone density, or slow the natural loss of bone density that comes with age or as a side effect of underlying health conditions or medications may want to consider using supplements with vitamin D and K in combination.


    Ingredients: MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, Natural Flavourings, Cholecalcferol Flavoured with Natural Cannabis Terpenes.