Lion’s Mane
Lion’s Mane
Lion’s Mane
Lion’s Mane
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Lion’s Mane

Menopause Alternative
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Lion’s Mane Capsules

60 x 400mg Lions Mane Capsules

  • 60 Servings per container
  • 20:1 ratio Lion’s Mane extract
  • Equivalent to 8000mg raw mushroom per cap
  • 400mg Lions Mane per serving
  • 1-2 Servings a day with food
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
  • WARNING: Do NOT take if you are allergic to mushrooms

    Lion’s mane is the name of a mushroom species characterised by its shaggy white appearance resembling that of a lion’s mane.
    This particular mushroom is most commonly found growing in temperate forests in cooler climates around the world including Asia, Europe, and North America. You can find these mushrooms growing out of evergreen trees in the late summer and fall.
    As a health supplement, lion’s mane mushroom is used to support cognitive function, immune health, brain fog and moods.
    The key to using this supplement effectively is to be consistent and take the herb for long periods of time. The effects of the mushroom are cumulative — increasing in their effectiveness the longer you take the supplement.

    The Benefits of Lion’s Mane:

    • Promotes nerve growth factor (NGF).
    • Supports cognitive health to ward off age-related cognitive decline like Brain Fog.
    • Speeds up recovery of the nervous tissue after an injury.
    • Reduces oxidative stress throughout the body.
    • Boosts immune function.
    • Helps defend the body against the negative side-effects of stress.

    Right for me?

    Is Lion’s Mane The Supplement For Me?

    Lion’s mane mushrooms are a popular supplement for a few different reasons, but the most popular application is its use as a nootropic for supporting cognitive health. There are few compounds known today that have the ability to interact with nerve growth factor the same way lion’s mane does — making it a unique and highly beneficial supplement for a wide range of neurological functions.
    People often take this supplement long-term to protect the brain from age-related cognitive decline, promote healing of the nervous tissues after an injury, to support study efforts at university, and to reduce inflammation in the brain that may be negatively affecting mood.
    Outside the brain, lion’s mane supplements are used to fight inflammation, boost immune function, and support other systems of the body subject to the side-effects of oxidative damage like the cardiovascular and lung tissue.
    Lion’s mane has many uses, and is an excellent daily health supplement for the whole body — with a special focus on the nervous system. 


    The Science Behind Lion’s Mane

    Cognitive Function
    One of the biggest problems encountered as we age is a loss of brain cells (neurons). This happens throughout the course of life as a result of oxidative damage, injuries to the head, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and toxic compounds we’re exposed to from our environment.
    As we lose brain cells our cognitive function may begin to decline. We may experience memory loss, inability to concentrate, confusion. Irritability, mood disorders, and other more serious neurodegenerative disorders.
    Lion’s mane has the unique ability to increase a compound in the brain known as nerve growth factor (NGF). This compound is used to stimulate the production of new brain cells to replace those that were lost — thus delaying, or preventing the consequences of cognitive decline.
    This effect is also useful for promoting faster recovery from other forms of damage as well — including traumatic injuries to the head, oxidative damage, and chronic stress.

    Mood & Stress
    Low mood and chronic stress are common among people living in the modern world. Many experts agree that one of the main causes of disordered mental states is inflammation.
    In the short term, inflammation is a good thing — it helps to deliver blood and nutrients to the damaged area, along with immune cells designed to clean up the mess and remove infectious agents that may take residence in the area.
    However, long-term inflammation can damage the integrity of the blood-brain barrier — allowing inflammatory messengers to go from the bloodstream to other areas located deep within the brain. Ultimately this can lead to changes in the neurochemical balance inside the brain which can affect our ability to maintain our moods and manage stress effectively.
    Lion’s mane contains a variety of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and a strong affinity for the brain. This effect helps to reduce the overall inflammation taking place around the blood-brain barrier — giving it a chance to recover and keep unwanted compounds out of the sensitive regions of the inner brain.

    Immune Function
    The immune system is a complex network of cells all working together to identify, mark, and destroy invading microorganisms and harmful compounds within the body.
    Additionally, the immune system is tasked with removing damaged cells in the body — including cells that have become cancerous.
    Lion’s mane has been shown to support the human immune system by supporting the production of new immune cells in the bone marrow — making the immune system more efficient at doing its job.
    Although there are hundreds of potentially active ingredients in the lion’s mane mushroom, a group of long-chain sugar molecules known as polysaccharides are believed to be the primary active ingredients responsible for this effect.
    Similar polysaccharides are abundant in many other medicinal mushroom species with powerful immune-enhancing benefits like reishi, turkey’s tail, and chaga.


    Ingredients: Lion’s Mane Extract, HPMC Capsules