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Menopause Expert - Helen Crossland

Let us introduce our new 'Menopause Expert' the lovely Helen Crossland.

Although Helen is qualified in many Mental health and Wellbeing fields, we are lucky to have her support us through her Menopause wellbeing knowledge. We are grateful to Helen for sharing her time and knowledge with us.

Helen will be the 'Meno' resident Menopause Coach, to help answer your questions, provide monthly advice and great articles, covering all subjects from Mental health, to Menopause symptoms, Menopause in the workplace, Nutrition and much more. These will be shared via email, Instagram and our facebook page and groups, so make sure you are subscribed, or a member of one of our media outlets to receive this free advice and read the valuable Menopause articles Helen produces.

Helen will also be opening up a Menopause Q&A page on our website, where you will be able to ask any questions you like anonymously. All questions and answers will be up for everyone to read, so everyone may just find the answer they where looking for, if not you can ask it! So head on over there and ask away.

A little about Helen,

Helen is a qualified trauma informed coach who specialises in menopause, trauma, and anxiety. She has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds for many years including C suite executives, families and children battling cancer as well as those suffering from burnout. Having had a very successful career in HR in the City Helen set up her own business in coaching having made the life changing move to Yorkshire.  Helen first qualified 10 years ago to work with menopause via Henpicked – a leading menopause provider in the workplace :  She is also qualified to teach the therapeutic use of Mindfulness and is a Mental Health First Aider. She was also a Trauma informed coach specialising in burnout, panic, and anxiety.  She has worked with people with challenging mental health issues for many years but it is important to note that she is not a therapist. More recently Helen has undertaken training in Grief. Although most of Helen’s work is with adults, she also does work with children and adolescents in building confidence and self-esteem through coaching and mentoring.  Helen currently works as a coach specialising in Menopause, trauma informed wellbeing and works with people in many different capacities. Helen’s work is confidential and supportive across a vast array of issues including wellbeing, career coaching, life coaching, and support though change, rebuilding confidence and managing stress and resilience. Helen also runs workshops and 1-2-1 sessions on Menopause, Resilience, Wellbeing (including older age and Menopause), Stress and Mindfulness. Helen is also a Trustee for Harrogate Homeless Project.

How Helen works

Helen treats everyone as an individual and works from a premise of helping everyone to be the best that they can be and to work through whatever challenges they are facing.  Each person will have unique needs and the sessions are tailored to that.  During the first sessions expectations of both parties are discussed and how they will work together is explored and clarified. Helen is very open, warm, calm and friendly and is very experienced at making the person feel comfortable and able to trust quickly. Helen has a passion for helping people to be the best that they can be and is skilled at creating a supportive and safe environment to work in.  

Why Helen?

Helen is a kind and caring lady who has a wealth of experience of working with all types of people across all ages and walks of life.  She is able to put people at ease in a non-judgemental and supportive way almost immediately. Helen can work with adults and children and young people. She has had a lot of personal experience of the personal struggles young people are grappling with today and has a keen desire to help young people navigate some of those challenges safely and effectively. Helen is able to utilise many techniques to allow for an engaging yet supportive session that allows the client to feel able to talk about things that may be troubling them.

Other information

Helen has two children one 18 and one 13 and understands the difficulties faced by children today who have non-conventional backgrounds, families or circumstances.