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What is CBD?

So you have heard of this new natural remedy, CBD? You may have heard that it does lots of things and is being added to almost everything you can think of. It is easy to find in a wide range of products and is currently being sold on the high street, corner shops and online. 

So, what is CBD? What does it do? And how can it help women in their daily lives and the menopause? 

CBD is a cannobinold that functions by binding itself to the endocannabinold receptors in our own bodies.
These receptors are an integral part of the endcannabinold system, which has an important function in our body. Sleep, memory, appetite, pain, inflammation, mood and even reproduction are amoung the body functions that the endocannabinold system regulates.
Cannabinold recpetors work, refers to a collection of cell receptors, called cannabinold receptors, which are present in the brain, organs, and other tissues throughout the body.
The endocannabionld system works by interacting with chemicals messengers, including CBD. Researches believe that this system plays an essential role in many bodily functions and other aspects of health.
One theory is that poor functioning endocannabinold system can lead to several different health condtions. Manipulating the chemicals involved in the system, such as CBD, could potentially help to treat such conditions.

When it comes to women’s issues, our bodies go through complex changes every month, and as we grow older the Menopause. It is important that we keep our bodies fueled and healthy. 


What does CBD Do?

When understanding what CBD does, you must understand the role of the ‘Endocannabinoid system'. This can be found in all of us, and was discovered when scientists tried to understand why the cannabis plant made us ‘high’; thus this system was named after the plant which lead to its discovery. The ECS is part of our body’s ability to continue to exist- it regulates many essential bodily functions.

The main function of the ECS is to maintain a healthy balance- often referred to as Homeostasis. This is when everything internally is on an even keel and working as it should be. When it comes to many health conditions, it could be caused by a deficiency or disruption in the ECS so when we start to feel the symptoms associated to these deficiencies due to the imbalance. When we support our ECS with cannabinoids, it ensures our bodies return to the equilibrium and could dramatically improve our well-being.

Is CBD Legal? 

Although CBD is derived from the Cannabis family of plants, CBD has been legal since 2016. As CBD is not psychoactive and has no obvious harmful symptoms of overdose, it is not prohibited by the misuse of drugs act 1971. The two cannabinoids which are illegal are THC and CBN – both are psychoactive. Our products contain less than the recommended 0.02% THC level and less than 1mg per product. Our oils are lab tested to ensure their legality and quality. 

You can be assured they are completely safe and certified.