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Why does it take so long to recognise menopause symptoms - by Helen, Menopause Expert

Why does it take so long to recognise menopause symptoms?

Many women talk about how long it takes them to realise that they are experiencing menopause symptoms. If we think about it menopause often comes at a time when we are at our most busy.

Children growing into adults, work, general health issues starting to show, and often we may have caring responsibilities too. It’s no wonder we miss the signs sometimes. Often, we know things are changing but we still don’t make the link between our symptoms and menopause. I know that I thought my crippling anxiety was because of a relationship break up – this was my time to heal I thought! It was only going on a menopause workshop to become trained to run sessions that I realised myself that a lot of what I had been feeling was menopause.

Thankfully the rise in awareness is helping women to pick up the sings earlier but menopause is different for everyone, some enter it really early (for a whole host of reasons), some sail through its others have awful symptoms that can go on for several years.

We see that by the age of 45 most women are starting to show symptoms of the menopause. As such we suggest getting really close to your cycle, jot down any changes you are starting to see – for example heavier periods, joint pains, trouble sleeping, hot flushes, loss of libido, memory issues.

Balance menopauses do a questionnaire that you can track the symptoms and their regularity to work out whether you are menopausal or not.

For us, the point is that if you know you are becoming menopausal you can start to undertake changes that will support you. Your diet for example, supplements, changes in your exercise routine to help your bone health.

Menopause may be inevitable for women but how we respond to it doesn’t have to be. Take control of your body early by knowing the signs and adapting sooner rather than later.