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CBD with Turmeric for inflammation, Pain, Joint aches and pains.

CBD oil, cream and patches, and anti-inflammatory diets, are extremely popular right now, but is our current fight against chronic inflammation based on real science? Or is it just hype?
CBD + Turmeric
What Is Turmeric CBD Oil?
Both turmeric and CBD come from plants with a long list of impressive qualities. Turmeric CBD oil blends the two into one convenient product with a wealth of potential benefits. CBD and turmeric make a powerful duo. When turmeric alone hasn’t fully combatted chronic pain, CBD can help top it up, both have inflammation benefits.
What are the benefits of turmeric?
Turmeric also comes from a plant and has been used as an alternative remedy. No doubt you will have seen the popular turmeric lattes and turmeric tea which claims to ward off colds and other benefits.
The benefits of tumeric often overlap with the benefits of CBD. Together, they really make a powerful pair!
Here are a few benefits you may notice it helps when you use turmeric:
Pain and inflammation, Osteoarthritis, Hayfever, , Depression, High cholesterol, Itching, Heartburn, Stress reduction
Turmeric contains curcumin. This chemical, along with others in turmeric may help to reduce inflammation and swelling.
Unfortunately, both CBD and turmeric have low bioavailability, meaning that the body cannot absorb them easily. However, there are several ways to combat this.
Firstly, both curcumin and CBD are lipophilic, meaning they need some fat to help them absorb. Luckily, taking these compounds suspended in an oil automatically makes them more bioavailable. We use MCT oils as the base for our turmeric CBD oil. MCT oil is a popular choice as experts consider it to have one of the best absorption rates for CBD into the body.