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CBD for Sleep

Benefits of CBD Oil for Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
Medical news and articles state that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential yet overlooked necessities in one’s life – so, what could help one sleep better?
Having a regular sleep schedule has benefits that people should start taking note of and consider. Here we explore the topic of how CBD could help you sleep better.
For those suffering from insomnia, extracted cannabis oil is now increasingly becoming popular all over the world. The main component, CBD, is also responsible for treating patients with anxiety, PTSD, and other stress-related disorder that contributes to lack of sleep.
If you’ve considered trying CBD to address sleeping problems, then you’re in luck.
There is a human study that shows that CBD interacts with the GABA and serotonin receptors in the ECS system, which are the areas that regulate the circadian sleep-wake cycles. This cycle is responsible for helping us fall asleep and stay asleep.
Another way that CBD can help improve sleep is its ability to reduce anxiety and depression. This helps calm your mind to reduce overthinking, which also helps you fall asleep faster.
CBD has anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects that calm your mind, which leads to a calm body. This relaxing effect helps decrease those swirling thoughts that keep you awake, making it easier to fall asleep. It can also relax you during the day, keeping your head clear so you can resolve issues and prevent stress while you’re awake, making it easier to sleep at night.
As well as helping you fall asleep, researchers in Brazil have discovered that using CBD oil can also improve the quality of your sleep. The majority of the participants in this study slept for at least 7 hours straight.
Another interesting study has shown that using CBD reduces dream recall. Dreams happen during REM sleep, so if those on CBD can’t remember their dreams, it means that they didn’t wake up during this cycle, sleeping through the night uninterrupted.